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2022 - 2023

Administrative Assistant

CASH and RYFF Programs

Empire Justice Center

Rochester, NY


After the 21st Century Pandemic, in late 2022, I elected to re-enter the world of business and joined Empire Justice Center’s Creating Assets Savings and Hope (CASH) and Roc Your Family’s Future (RYFF) Programs. In a short period, my “can do” attitude was able to grasp both programs and to contribute to CASH during their very busy tax season and learn about RYFF’s Earned Income Tax Credit program. In addition, I was capable to use my marketing expertise for outreach to bring in new members to CASH and RYFF. I coordinated office operations and procedures to ensure organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and alignment with the organization’s mission, vision, and values. I believe my team player attitude and approach were very positive for both programs.

2021 - 2022


JEM Global Consulting

Rochester, NY

image (8).png

Created high-end custom-built luxury international travel itineraries and personalized them to fit within my VIP client’s needs. The average cost per person for these special foreign travel experiences was between $25,000 - $35,000 per person. I did research and investigated various destinations. Recommended five-star hotel accommodations. What the customs, the currency, and the weather conditions were. I gave them reviews of the destinations. Built and maintained strong relationships with my clients so that when they returned home, they had many happy memories of their magnificent travel holiday. The destinations they traveled to were Italy and Greece. 

2011 - 2019

Advisor & Founder, Multicultural Communications Club

SUNY Genesee Community College

Batavia, NY


Student Government Assoc. Award (SGA) - 2011 - for the giving of time and talent which contributed significantly to the SGA and Genesee Community College

Founded this club for U.S. and international students (ESL) English was their second language. The club’s purpose was to create a diversity union that would enrich the GCC community and enhance intellectual dialogue amongst the students. The club embraced diversity, equity, inclusion, and access and promoted true DEIA within a higher education environment. The students learned how DEIA promoted personal growth, a healthy society, encouraged critical thinking, and was a great source for how to communicate effectively with people from various backgrounds. The club applied for SUNY Diversity Grants and was awarded these grants that allowed me to take each year a student to Toastmasters International Annual Convention.

Traveled to the following destinations:  

2011 - Las Vegas – 2012 - Disney World – 2013 - Cincinnati

2014 - Manhattan – 2015 - Las Vegas  – 2016 - Washington, D.C.


The students that attended these conventions were always the youngest attending members at these conventions. The core values of Toastmasters International are integrity, respect, service, and excellence which went hand in hand with DEIA core values. The students learned that Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access were paramount to their success as they transitioned to a four-year college or the workplace. The students learned from each other and found spending time in such a diverse group inspired self-reflection and promoted cross-cultural awareness, inclusivity and collaboration. 

Reason for leaving – when the Director of Student Activities retired is when I elected to put my gavel down and retire from the club.

2007 - 2011

Adjunct Professor
Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communications

SUNY Genesee Community College

Batavia, NY


Facilitated students' development of communication skills through interactive activities in a supportive classroom environment.

Supervised and evaluated students' development of public speaking. Designed course material such as syllabus - course assignments - and in-class activities.


Taught active listening - problem solving - conflict resolution - diversity - non-verbal communication. 

Taught the students the ability to communicate - interact, and collaborate effectively with others.

Reason for leaving – to commence the Multicultural Communications Clubs – under the banner of Student Activities.

1995 - 2006

Executive Vice President

1st Air.Net

Rochester, NY


Co-founded a successful online travel consulting organization targeting business and first-class international travel markets.  Provided daily management and direction to drive growth to 50,000 customers and $12 million in annual revenue.  Developed promotions, marketing strategies, direct sales strategies, diversity, and training initiatives.  Traveled frequently to participate in trade shows, conduct site demonstrations, cultivate business, and maintain relationships. Managed 40 staff members including CFO, CTO, and HR Director. Other duties I oversaw:

  • Opened offices in Singapore, Canada, Mexico City, Manhattan. Learned the customs, culture, business and social etiquette, and way of life of these offices. Had to learn the HR mandates for each country. For instance, Singapore has a 13-month pay period - Canada celebrates Thanksgiving but not in November - Mexico celebrates Benito Juarez Day in March honoring a local Politician - Judge and then President during the 19th century. In addition, there were dealings with global lawyers, accountants, and banking systems in these three countries. Finally, integrating the international staff with the U.S. Staff promoting diplomacy and fostering an appreciation for diverse cultures, gender, sexual orientation, language, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and other attributes to make these international offices an asset for the organization.

  • New business development. Instrumental in developing $30 million in new business within four years by fostering strong relationships with clients, managers, and business owners.

  • Human Resources. Marketed, developed, organized, and retained necessary skills to meet employee, client, and shareholder expectations. Created a company culture that the entire staff could identify with and feel a sense of belonging and purpose - all of which assisted to channel behavior to drive the organization towards its desired outcome.

    • I conducted all Human Resource Management that combined my leadership, organization culture, diversity, and human resource strategy to guide staffing activities and expectations within our organization.

    • I have had experience with the following Human Resource Management proficiencies:

  1. Providing a framework for dispute resolution, retrenchment, and appointment of new staff members.​

  2. Managing grievances and conflict in the workplace.

  3. Focus on employment equity development and developing a diverse - fair - inclusive and accessible workplace.

  4. Structuring and obtaining funding for skill development, mentoring, and training.

** **

  • Sales strategy. Fueled 50% annual growth despite poor market conditions by transforming the sales organization from on-site generalists to floating, solution-oriented sales specialists focused on regaining customer loyalty through improved service and availability guarantees.

  • Marketing. A key contributor to innovative business, sales and marketing plans, such as the establishment of a subscription-based membership program that attracted 500 members in the first year and ensured strong retention.

  • Financing. Secured $3 million in capital funding as the driving force behind the identification and solicitation of investors, created collateral materials, initiated contacts and established long-term relationships based on customer satisfaction.

  • Organizational Management. Developed and implemented a unique business framework and entrepreneurial culture.  Encouraged experimentation, individual initiative, and risk-taking.




Created a travel academy that was certified by the New York State Board of Education incorporating industry success and visibility to attract students and provide training.

Created a strategic partnership and established a liaison program between Amadeus Global Distribution and the travel agency industry and selling IT solutions; the program attracted and awarded a $15 million account with the State of New Jersey.

Raised sales by 30% within one year for Strathallan Hotel and The Inn at Saratoga by contacting associations and conveying benefits of accommodations. Enabled The Inn at Saratoga to reach February capacity booking in a summer resort community, by selling and marketing to State University of New York Empire State College Graduate School to use the hotel for faculty and students stay across the street at a larger chain hotel. In turn, The Inn at Saratoga provided meals for both faculty and students – a win-win for the Inn and SUNY.

Reason for leaving – Co-founder, my son, moved business to Manhattan, and I wanted to transition to teaching and another chapter of my life.


Roberts Wesleyan College

Master of Science,

Strategic Leadership

Bachelor of Science, Organizational Management

Rochester, NY

SUNY Brockport

Graduate Studies,


Brockport, NY


77-hour Pre-Licensing Course - Licensed NY State Real Estate Salesperson

SUNY Diversity Conference 

SUNY Engaging DEI Symposium 

SUNY Awareness to Action Diversity Symposium

SUNY Distance Learning Workshop

SUNY Web Instructional Design



Society for HR Management.

National Speaker's Association.

Founding Member, NAWBO, National Association of Women Business Owners.

Development Director, Bristol Valley Playhouse.

Board of Directors, Downstairs Cabaret.

Advisory Board, JCC Centerstage.

President, Kids Adjusting through Support.

Board Member, Cancer Action.

Mentor, Women's Network for Entrepreneurial Training.

Spokesperson, Highland Hospital - Oncology Unit. 

Founding Member, Who's Who of Professional Businesswomen.

Chairperson, Grand Opening of St. Mary's In-Patient Hospital Unit.

Panel Member, Rochester City School District - Pencil Program.


Global Expertise, Opened Offices in Toronto, Singapore, Mexico City, Manhattan, Florida.

Speaking Engagements, Cornell University Entrepreneurial Business Conference.

Host & Producer, Travel Showcase for Time Warner Rochester- now Spectrum.

Featured Speaker, Trendsetter Brometer Panelist - Price Waterhouse

Keynote Speaker, National Assoc. of Administrative Professionals.

Topic Speaker, Women Business Owners in the Travel Industry, American Assoc. of Travel. 

Master Presenter, The National Institute of Staff and Organizational Development Conference.

Contributing Speaker, East Meets West - SUNY GCC.

Produced Monthly Column, Travel Age Magazine.

Numerous Featured Articles, The Wall Street Journal - Travel Weekly - Rochester Business Journal - Democrat & Chronicle - The Daily Record.


Small Business Administration Mentoring Award Presented by the Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.

3 times winner of the Creative Excellence in Marketing Retail Travel by American Assoc. of Travel Agents.

Toastmasters Competent Communicator.

Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Bronze.

Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Silver.

Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Gold.

Toastmasters Competent Leader.

Toastmasters Advanced Leader Bronze.

Toastmasters Advanced Leader Silver.


You are a STAR  Award by the Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.

Professional skillset

  • Strong influencing and negotiation skill with the ability to drive alignment across executives and peers at all levels in an organization. 

  • Excellent interpersonal communications skills, particularly the skill to motivate others to commit or recommit to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility issues.

  • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills combined with a propensity toward creativity and risk-taking.

  • Excellent partnering skills: work collaboratively, effectively, and efficiently with internal and external customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

  • Demonstrated success in building and delivering a comprehensive DEIA strategy at SUNY GCC with proven results.

  • Knowledge in the field of diversity science, including understanding of unconscious bias, macroaggressions, social justice, and multiculturism.

  • Leadership capacity to assist the President of Empire Justice Center and senior leaders in advancing the strategic plan and DEIA issues.

  • Demonstrated success in developing and delivering relevant professional growth and expansion programs.

  • Ability to engage an organization in emerging best practices in increasing and enhancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

  • Experience providing vision and leadership in developing and directing diversity and social training for staff.

  • Coordinate, guide, support, and assess Empire Justice Center’s initiatives, efforts, and activities designed to promote and support diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

  • Collaborate with the Office of Human Resources and appropriate stakeholders to assure diversity – equity, inclusion, and accessibility in Empire Justice Center’s search, hire, tenure, and promotion processes.

  • Work collaboratively with community-based agencies on improving diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility.

  • Implement, evaluate, and update on periodic basis Empire Justice Center’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Plan.

  • Plan, guide, and advise Empire Justice Center’s President and Management on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility matters.

  • Design training initiatives on cultural competencies, gender differences, disability, sexual harassment, and other topics designed to increase awareness and support of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility values and maintain compliance with applicable laws.

  • Collaborate with Empire Justice Center’s President and Management Team to create, implement and monitor programs designed to ensure fair and equitable treatment of associates.

  • Promote Empire Justice Center’s commitment to a climate of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility through interaction with individuals and agencies inside and outside the organization including the Board of Directors, Executive Staff, supervisory staff, employees, and clients.

  • Communicate and articulate Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action policy for the general public, government enforcing agencies, and political and community leaders.

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