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It was the mission of the GCC Multicultural Communications Club to promote a learning environment that was inclusive and respectful of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. By engaging with people from different backgrounds, students learned to communicate effectively with students from diverse cultures and developed cultural competence necessary to succeed in a globalized world. The club promoted diversity in college to create a more just and equitable society.


By valuing and respecting diversity, we can work to eliminate discrimination and prejudice, and build a society where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed.

East Meets West Event

Clicking the title above will open event programs and articles promoting the club and the students in the following order:

1. Program for East Meets West - April 2017 - Keynote Speaker from Singapore Darren Tay - Toastmasters International 2016-2017 World Champion Speaker.

2. Agenda East Meets West - April 2015 - Keynote Speaker Dr. Carlos Medina - SUNY Chief Diversity Officer & Sr. Vice Chancellor - Ambassador - San Juan Puerto Rico.


3. GCC Multicultural Club Member Recruit Brochure

Captures the essence of the Club

This video showcases the wonderful people that made the club possible and the events that followed successful.

Produced and directed by Founding Officers of the Multicultural Communications Club - 

Khilna Samat - Ambassador from Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

Thao Hoang - Ambassador from Hanoi, Viet Nam

All Hands In
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