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These newspaper articles highlight my contributions to encouraging my students at SUNY Genesee Community College in various ways.


Darren Tay was the keynote speaker at the East Meets West Event in 2017. He is the first Singaporean to win the Toastmasters International World Championship of public speaking, surviving several rounds of a competition that lasted six months and included more than 30,000 competitors from public speaking clubs around the world. He specializes in topics of confidence building, increasing one's influence, and persuasive skills. He has spoken to more than 100,000 people during his career as a professional speaker and is highly sought after keynote speaker, coach, and trainer. See the article here.


Is Arbitration due process of law - This is article came about when I learned the race was not for the swift or the sure but those who endure to the end. Did not agree with the arbitrator's decision - but endured to the end until we won.


 I wrote numerous articles on public speaking to use this format as a form of public relations for SUNY Genesee Community College.


Whenever my son had women problems, I would tell him talk to me, not your buddies they do not know understand women. Did my son listen to me! You know the answer. 


​So many of my public speaking students thought taking public speaking would be a breeze. They did not realize they had to write a speech - practice - practice -practice and rehearse - rehearse - rehearse the speech.


​I was a guest at Suzanna Smith's graduation and party. Little did I realize that six months later death would be knocking on her door. There were many times I did not believe I would ever see Suzanne again. I introduced Sue and her family to Gilda's Club that has so many family programs to offer Sue's children. Twelve years later Sue has seen her children grown into adults and still keeps saying "F—K CANCER!


It was an honor to participate in the SBA Women Mentors Program. I mentored a young lady who opened a bridal store in Fairport. Years passed and one evening I was sitting in a seat at the Eastman Theatre when the lady next to me said: "Excuse me - are you Jackie DiBella." It was my mentee thirty years later. She had sold her business and now was retired. 

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